Georgian Wine Guild

ქართული ღვინის გილდია გთავაზობთ რიგით მე-17 ბრმა დეგუსტაციის შედეგად გამოვლენილ, ხუთ ყველაზე მაღალი შეფასების მქონე ღვინოს.

ქართული ღვინის გილდიის ტოპ ხუთეული.

Georgian Wine Catalog

In the catalog you will find only high quality wine and grape spirits with a rating of 80 points andabove identified as a result of tasting.

Wine Tasting

"Georgian Wine Guild", by accordance with international practice, actively conducts blind tasting of wine and spirits of grape origin. In order to monitor the quality, organoleptic evaluation of these drinks is done by professional tasters.

Names of Origin of Georgian Wine

Guild News

Video Channel

On November 21st, „Georgian Wine Guild“ with support of the wine tasting shop „„Reserve“, organized the competition "Kartli Wine from Uplosi to Modernity".

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