Wine Tasting

About the Tasting

Tasting sessions are held in Georgia. The members of the tasting commission are local professionals as well as invited degustators from different countries of the world. Organoleptic evaluation of samples submitted for tasting is carried out on a 100-point scale, according to the "International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) - Resolution - RÉSOLUTION OIV / CONCOURS 332B / 2009".

Only those alcoholic beverages of wine and grape origin will be uploaded to the website, which will get a rating of 80 and 80+ points as a result of sensory evaluation.

Sensory evaluation rating scores provide website visitors with information about the quality of wine:

  • 92-100 Points - Classic: Great wine, Exceptional High Quality;
  • 85-91 Points - Outstanding: Superior Character and Style, High Quality;
  • 83-84 Points - Very Good: With Special Characteristics;
  • 83-84 Points Good: Solid, Well Made wine;
  • 0-79 Points - The Product of Such Assesment is Not Uploaded to the Website.

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