Presentation of “Georgian Wine Guild” website and the first selection of alcoholic drinks will be held

Quality Guarantee – Presentation of Georgian Wine Guild Website and the first qualifying tasting of wine and grape origin alcoholic drinks on the site

Date: 18.05.2010
Time: 12:00 hrs
Address: Tbilisi, 9 April Street №3. Hotel “Citrus”.

“Georgian Wine Guild” LLC is starting another important project for viticulture and winemaking.

Quality Guaranteed – – The portal, which will unify the list of high quality wines in Georgia.

The site will be presented in 7 languages, which will provide local, international users and purchasers with detailed information on the points awarded by the wine producer, its type, grape varieties and tasting. In addition, the description of the organoleptic characteristics presented on the website and the recommendations for compliance with the tools will help service facilities (restaurants and bars) to improve the host handling with wine.

The aim of mobile creation is to present all Georgian quality wine and alcoholic drinks on one platform.

Project Purpose and Practical Meaning:

Popularization of Georgian wine, grape varieties and traditional technologies;
Promotion of Georgian wine-producing wine and alcoholic beverage of grape origin;
Establishment of appropriate place on local and international markets – according to the price segment;
Motivation of producers;

Involvement in the project can be as small as possible as well as wine and grape origin alcoholic beverages.

In the project are involved in the qualification and experience of tasters who will evaluate drinks by a 100-point system (with regulation of VIV and OIV).

Important: Wine and grape origin alcohol is estimated at only 80 – 100 points on the site.

In the event of identification of the yield or defect by the tamination commission, the information is supplied only to the manufacturer. If you wish, the manufacturer will benefit from Georgian Wine Guild Consulting Services.

Contact person:
Nika Agdgomelashvili
Tel: 592 23 31 48


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